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Being one of Rotterdam’s leading logistic service providers, a field where we have been active for many years, S&R Marine Services delivers highly flexible solutions in the field of European export and import, for any type of cargo, in whatever transport mode required. S&R Marine Services offers a single source to manage your global transportation and freight, giving you the capacity to extend your business reach. In additional, its sister company, DistriRail B.V. can execute just-in-time deliveries supported by efficient pre and on carriage via Rail/Road.

Via our dedicated clearance department we help you to move your goods smoothly through customs and onwards to their final destination. S&R Marine Services recognizes your need for in depth knowledge on both a global and a local level. For this purpose, S&R Marine Services dedicated staff in Rhoon cooperates with a European network of dedicated agencies and representatives.


Our ocean-freight specialists will help you in finding the most efficient means of transport either via Full-Container-Loads (FCL) or via Less-than-Container-Loads (LCL). Within each discipline our combined volumes enable us to offer highly competitive pricing and superb services to all our customers, via strategic partnerships with leading ocean carriers and alliances. These partnerships are continuously optimised by creating mutual objectives. Moreover our organization will act as a valuable source of information, and you can see our organisation as an extension for you and your logistics department.

Global transportation implies a combination of transportmodes, routings and vendors. We are able to make these combinations with the least possible dwelling times while serving our client and in turn their clients as centralized information resource. In the end this results in a reliable performance and proven reduction of leadtimes. Our service is constantly monitored, via online solutions and electronic-data-exchange (EDI), by measuring a set of pre-defined “Key Performance Indicators” (KPI’s). These are of course determined by the clients in accordance with the highest standard set by D&R themselves.

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Through our extensive network of rail, barge and truck operations we, S&R Marine Services, can offer connections for both your containerized as conventional flows for practically all origins and destinations within Europe. This includes around the clock transportation, contributing to a 24 hours economy and moreover to the demands of the industry.

S&R Marine Services is executing just-in-time deliveries supported by efficient pre- and on carriage concepts, connecting main ocean and airports with all major economic hinterland regions.

Our Road, Rail & Barge Logistics are supported by sophisticated web-based tracking and tracing capabilities, along with our in-depth local market expertise and competitive pricing. Furthermore the Group has several subsidiaries/sister companies who solely concentrate on multimodal transportation.



our additional services

Customs Brokerage

S&R Marine Services offers tailor-made solutions for all customs activities, geared for specific market segments and company sizes. We can help your organization to process customs formalities both within and outside the European community, or even at your premises.

This department is a separate organization within our group, which ensures a 100% neutral position of this in-house specialist. Furthermore it also explains why the client portfolio of this department consists out of Exporters, Importers, Forwarders, Trucking companies, Inland terminals and Shipping lines.


Lean supply chain management should be considered by businesses who want to streamline their processes by eliminating waste and non-value added activities. Companies have a number of areas in their supply chain where waste can be identified as time, costs or inventory.
We at S&R Marine Services understand the importance of delivering on our promises. Through constant monitoring of internal and external work-flows we provide visibility and management control of the complete end to end supply chain.


S&R Marine Services handles the transportation of oversized and heavy items or shipments that consist of complex components that must be disassembled, shipped and then re-assembled. We offer project cargo solutions for engineering, procurement and construction companies servicing energy, mining, chemical, petrochemical, pipeline, infrastructure and other sectors.

These highly specialist shipments require individual transport planning from origin to destination. S&R Marine Services is perfectly equipped to transport specialized cargoes such as generators, turbines, reactors, boilers, towers, casting, heaters, presses, locomotives, boats, cranes and offshore equipment.

The current world trend for green energy and the substantial investment in clean energy technology is providing a rapid increase in business opportunities for project cargo specialists who have the required capabilities in the supply chain management of oversize plant and equipment, e.g. wind turbines. It is precisely because of these highly versatile transport facilities, employed across the seven seas and the five continents that S&R Marine Services are brought in for the most divergent transport needs.

Ocean Freight


S&R (Marine Services) BV is particularly specialized in special shipping, i/e refrigerated (conditioned/ cooled) and the handling/shipping of out-of-gauge (O.O.G.) cargo.


The food-, confectionary- and fruit/vegetable-industry demands so called reefer-units (refrigerated/ conditioned containers) for overseas transport and S&R is well known in this industry, in a market which is constantly trying to find the best logistical solutions against competitive rates for such a specialism.

The staff of S&R is well trained and regularly updated with the needs of this specific market and therefore of great value to our customers, who often face the “bureaucratic jungle” whilst importing/ exporting food(products), confectionary and fruits/vegetables to and from the USA and during such procedures the knowledge of our staff can be of great benefit to the cargo, leaning on over 30 years of experience.




Handling and transporting O.O.G. (out-of-gauge)-cargo, which is cargo of which the dimensions do exceed the container-dimensions, is, among others, another specialty of S&R whose staff is very experienced with local conditions, permits, restrictions and equipment. Key to handling and shipping these shipments is thorough knowledge of the procedures and processes in order to avoid fines, damages and avoidable delays due to infrastructural limitations from origin (door) to final destination (door).For both transport modules, the in-house know-how is available and the S&R-staff is at your disposal!



There are two basic types of insurance regarding transportation of goods: the liability insurance of a carrier and the insurance of transported goods itself. You can rely on OceanExpress as well as our selected partners to have the correct liability insurance in place.

However this does not mean that any damages, losses or thefts are covered by these insurances. Also the liability of the Beneficiary Cargo Owner (BCO) is not covered without the specific coverage of transport insurance, for example in case General Average is being declared by the vessel owners.


All in all, more than enough reasons for us to recommend our clients to properly insure the transported goods itself, in order to minimize financial risks and to avoid cumbersome claim processes. If required, we can arrange such insurance for you by utilizing our Global Insurance Policy.

This enables us to activate the transport insurance and all related documentation in a swift manner against attractive prices. Insurance of transported goods is only arranged upon specific written request from our customers; please contact us to find out more about our transport insurance services.

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